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STOP PRESS! Bakery dolleys from just £18 plus VAT, with quality castors with roller bearings. Available powder coated, and made with in 7 days of order from our Cardiff factory.

At RentalSpec Ltd, we design and manufacture a wide range of materials handling equipment at our factory in Cardiff. Our clients benefit from our CAD software design system, and our years of experience in the desig and manufacture of dolleys, trolleys, cages, stillages, and materials handling equipment. For the food handling industry we design, manufacture and supply bakery dolleys and specialist bakery trolleys of varying designs - some of which are imported from dedicated partner producers in Italy.


Stackable bakery dolleys

Most of the dolleys we produce can be stacked when not in use and moved around the bakery, warehouse or outlet.

This zinc plated bakery Dolley was produced for a distribution company supping a major supermarket chain. The Dolley had to look good but also stack safely when empty.

The stacking design also acted as a handle to reduce the distance operators were required to bend when picking the bakery Dolley from the floor.




Dolleys can be made of any size, and are often seen supporting nested plastic box systems.

Castors can be tailored to individual choice, desired size, and local conditions. Load weights can be specified by the customer as part of the design process.

We stock standard metal dollies to suit the European Standard Range of plastic containers 400mm x 300mm , 600mm x 400mm and 800mm x 600mm with a choice of rubber or polypropylene wheels. We can make these simple metal dollies to suit any size of plastic containers in powder coated mild steel, Aluminiuin or Stainless Steel.

Basic dolleys can be bought, or made to order, the type and performance of the castors chosen, as well as colour and finish.




This two-sided enclosed trolley was designed to hold baking trays and product trays, and for them to be moved around efficiently.

Custom trolleys can be design and made to suit the client's particular needs, and to operate in the client's particular environment.

Trolleys can come with mesh-sides or open, with shelves or compartments, or suitable for fitting boxes of given sizes, or plastic magnum boxes as bove.

This model of trolley can be imported from our partners in Italy, great deals available.


Plastic Dolleys are available in one size to suit the European standard size plastic container 600mm x 400mm.

Plastic Dolleys are ideal for food or medical applications where minimal dirt traps are required. 



Stackable plastic boxes on custom size dolleys, used in a warehouse.

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